The Livewire V7 2021 kiteboard is perfect for wake and freestyle. The board is reinforced at the bottom, so that it easily rides over kickers and sliders without breaking.

-Wake and freestyle
-Rides perfectly over sliders and kickers
-Deep channel and concave combo
-ABS reinforced rails and inserts
-Wooden core covered with Dura-tech response glass
-A lot of control
-Grindrite tech base
-Perfect pop
-FMS rating 7.5

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Livewire V7 2021 Airush Kiteboard
The perfect board for wake and freestyle
The Livewire V7 is perfect for freestyle and wakestyle. It is the perfect crossover board for wakestyle competition and sliders and kickers. This is the board for the people who prefer to ride with boats. It is a strong board that lasts a long time. The bottom of the board is reinforced, so that you can also ride over kickers and sliders with the board. The board has an FMS rating of 7.5 and is therefore a fairly stiff board.

The board has a wooden core and is covered with Dura-tech response glass. This makes it one of the strongest boards from Airush. The board has a deep channel and concave combo bottom shape. Thanks to the rocker you have soft landings and you get an extreme pop. You have a lot of control over the board, even in extreme conditions. The rails and inserts are ABS reinforced, this ensures that they do not just break during a hard crash or landing. The bottom of the board has a Grindrite tech base. As a result, the underside will wear very little if you ride over sliders and kickers.

The board is available in three different sizes: 138 x 41, 140 x 42 and 142 x 43. You can ride on this board with both boots and straps.

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138 x 41, 140 x 42, 142 x 43


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